Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sophomore dorm

I brought tons of stuff to college last year, so this year I really tried to downsize and only bring what I knew I would use. This still seems like a lot of stuff (it is), but I definitely use everything that I brought! Hopefully this will help you if you are unsure about what to bring to college, or if you feel like you are way overpacking.

My desk is exactly the same as the one in my freshman dorm, so I knew how much I needed to fit on it. There are three drawers that hold all my school supplies (and food!) and I keep my notebooks, textbooks, and speakers on the shelves. Can you spot my mug of coffee and uneaten muffin from this morning??

This bookcase is new this year. It's from Urban Outfitters, and it is the perfect size for my dorm. There are all sorts of fire codes that restrict supplemental wooden furniture in our dorms, so this metal bookcase was a great solution. I can keep my hot water boiler and Brita filter on the top shelf, and I use bins from Marshall's (the white ones) and Target (the pink ones, from the dollar section!) to store food and extra cords/chargers.

The large navy and pink bin next to the bookcase is also from Marshall's, and it is so handy! I keep all of my "junky shoes" (read: I don't care if they get ruined) in it so that they don't take up space in my closet.

I use a tall stack of colorful drawers (from Sear's I think?) to hold all of my toiletries, but it also doubles as my nightstand! Since I have lofted my bed so high, I needed a taller table for my alarm clock and glasses. You can also see my bulletin board (from Marshall's) and some of my posters!

Goodness my bed looks super messy, but I swear it's because I was just sitting on it! All of my bedding is from Marshall's/Home Goods. The sheets are Tommy Hilfiger (I have them in three colors) and the patchwork quilt (my warm weather blanket) is by Nautica. It's been cool at night in Boston, so I've needed by L.L. Bean fleece blanket.

Storing plastic drawers under you bed is a great way to increase storage in a tiny dorm room. Look at how much you can fit under the bed: I have two sets of drawers, a fridge, and my laundry basket! I do, however, need an ottoman in order to step up onto my bed.

 Keep an eye out for a separate post on my closet. That took a lot of organization! Let me know if you'd like to see anything closer up!

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